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What should I do if the chicken has indigestion?


It is not easy for farmers to incubate chicks. It is not easy to raise chicks. Chicks have poor digestion ability, poor resistance, and heat preservation ability, and they are easy to die in the chick stage. For example, chickens often suffer from indigestion and indigestion, and may not be excreted, which may lead to serious consequences after the epidemic. So why the chicken has indigestion, what should be done with indigestion, let's learn together:

1. Reason

A common cause of indigestion in chickens is the accumulation of food in the crop, which is called hard crop disease. Or eating too much at once, or drinking too much water, eating moldy, unclean feed. Feeding or eating food that is too coarse, such as corn that has not been crushed, is too difficult to digest. It may also be an infectious disease, which indirectly leads to indigestion.
2. Feeding method
After the hair shaft is born, within three days, feed clean water first, and feed a small amount. If there is a pecking phenomenon, it can be regarded as feeding a little ground feed and providing drinking water. Feed the feed all the time. Only after half a month of birth can you feed the small pellets. It can also be fed with ground flour such as corn, soybeans, etc. It cannot be fed directly, otherwise it cannot be digested. Provide clean drinking water at any time and drink by yourself.
Three, help digestion
Add garlic or dandelion to the feed, as well as flavoring agents such as citrus aurantium and fennel to help digestion. Adding hawthorn and malt can directly promote digestion. After one month, provide small grains of sand to increase the digestive ability of the chickens. If indigestion occurs, stop feeding, inject a few milliliters of edible oil into the chicken crops, massage gently, and then gradually dredge. Or feed a little more water, massage, wash with 2% boric acid after discharge, and feed a tablet of oxytetracycline.
4. Disease control
If indigestion is caused by an infectious disease or diarrhea, use antibacterial drugs such as norfloxacin hydrochloride. If you have coccidiosis, use anticoccidial agents. Add 0.2% probiotics or 0.1% enzyme preparations to the feed. . The chicks must be vaccinated against diseases with related treatments beforehand to avoid harm.

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