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The problems and countermeasures of broiler brooding


Broiler brooding is a very important part of the broiler breeding process, because the development of various functions of the broiler during the brooding stage is not perfect, and the chicken is naturally sensitive, especially the broiler at the brooding stage is more sensitive to changes in the external environment , If the feeding and management are improper, it will cause the chicks to get sick and die in large numbers. In addition, the health of the chicks also has a direct impact on the fattening of the broilers in the later stage. Only by cultivating high-quality chicks can the broilers grow rapidly and improve the quality of the chicken. Broiler brooding often faces a series of problems, which affect the effect of brooding. Only by rationally analyzing the problems faced and adopting corresponding solutions can a good breeding effect be achieved and the economic benefits of broiler breeding can be improved.

1 Problems often faced by broiler brooding
The grouping is unreasonable. Unreasonable grouping is one of the important problems that broiler chickens often face at present. Reasonable grouping is beneficial to the growth and development of chicks, and many farmers have ignored this problem. The physique of broiler chicks are not the same when they are born. If they are not reared in groups, raising chicks with stronger physiques and chicks with weaker physiques in the same group will result in weaker chicks not being able to grab feed. The problem of unbalanced eating has resulted in stronger chicks with stronger physiques, and weaker chicks with weaker physiques. If this unbalanced phenomenon continues for a long time, it will cause the quality of the entire broiler flock to decline, thereby affecting the breeding of broiler chickens.
The lighting is unreasonable. Scientific and reasonable light can effectively speed up the growth and development of broilers, but it can only be achieved under a certain light intensity. However, some farms did not notice the relationship between light intensity and growth rate of broilers. Reasonable light includes reasonable light time and light intensity. Only when both are scientific and reasonable can it play its due role. The rapid growth and development of broilers also need good body rest. If the light is too long, it will affect the rest of the broilers, and the broilers cannot have a good sleep in their daily life, which will inevitably affect the chicks. Growth and development. Reasonable light intensity can speed up the growth rate of broiler chickens. The light intensity used for raising chicks should not be too strong or too weak. Too strong or too weak light will not promote the growth and development of broilers, and sometimes even have a counterproductive effect. , Is not good for weight gain. Therefore, whether the lighting is reasonable is another problem faced by broilers during brooding.
Improper feeding time and method. So far, there is no way to completely solve this problem, because young chickens are different from adult chickens. Adult chickens can eat at will, while young chickens cannot. Therefore, the chicks have stricter requirements for the time of feeding feed. For example, unsystematic and unreasonable arrangement of feeding time during the brooding will result in insufficient feed intake of the chicks, and even the phenomenon of not wanting to eat. The most direct consequence of this phenomenon is that most chicks are unable to develop normally, and it will indirectly lead to an increase in the mortality of chicks. Some farms have lost money or even closed down when raising broilers. It is likely that a large part of it is because the chicks did not arrange the feeding time after the start of the feed, and did not adopt a reasonable feeding method.
2 Solutions
The time when the chicks are born just after their shells are different, which will cause the chicks to have physical differences before brooding. To solve this problem, a staff member can observe when the chicks come out of their shells. Note that chicks born in different periods of time cannot be kept together, and chicks of different physiques should not be kept together. This will make the growth and development of the chicks in the initial stage consistent, and the difference between groups will not be too large, which is avoided. The strong are stronger and the weaker weaker. Aimed at this situation when the illumination is reasonable. In the process of feeding and management of chicks, attention should be paid to providing scientific and reasonable light. There must be certain standards for the length of the lighting time and the level of light intensity, and it must be implemented in strict accordance with this standard. Chickens are very sensitive to light, and light plays an important role in the growth and production performance of chickens. Reasonable light can increase the activity of broilers, improve the health of broilers' legs, and reduce the occurrence of paralysis. It can also reduce the early growth rate of broilers and improve the cardiovascular function of broilers, thereby reducing the incidence of ascites and sudden death syndrome. The principle of providing light to broiler chicks is to change the intensity from strong to weak, and to increase intermittent light. During the first 3 days of brooding, keep the light for 24 hours. The light intensity should be such that the chicks can eat and drink normally. Keep the light well, but the intensity should not be too high, otherwise it will easily cause pecking. The light time can be gradually reduced in the future, and the light intensity will be reduced to half on the 10th day of brooding. It is worth noting that during the immunization work, it is necessary to ensure that the lights are not turned off within 12 hours after immunization, which can effectively reduce the probability of immune stress. After the broiler is 36 days old, use low light for 24 hours or turn off the lights every day 2h, so that the chickens can fully eat the feed, in order to reduce the feed-to-meat ratio and increase the growth rate.
After the chicks are born, they mainly obtain energy and nutrition from the yolk sac in the body, but they can only be maintained for a short period of time. Therefore, the chicks must be fed and boiled after they are born. Generally, boil water first and then start feeding, but it should be noted that although chicks need to be filled with certain nutrients after birth, they should not be fed right after birth, otherwise it will cause the chicks to lose their appetite.
Autumn is a difficult season for brooding. Doing a good job of brooding in this season can improve economic benefits. The prevention of diseases in autumn brooding is the focus of the work, so the sanitary cleaning work in the pens should be strengthened, and the pens must be disinfected every day. Especially after each batch of chickens are released, the empty houses should be disinfected before new chicks enter the house. During the brooding stage, environmental control should be strengthened to maintain proper temperature, humidity and air quality. Only in this way can the chicks grow fast and healthy.

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