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Techniques and Methods of Raising Broilers


What are the ways to raise broilers? The broiler breeding industry has become a pillar industry for increasing production and wealth in rural areas, and scientific breeding methods are becoming more and more common. The last thing is to do a good job of epidemic prevention, remove chicken manure regularly every day, and disinfect the chicken house regularly.

Broiler house disinfection
Before the broiler chickens enter the breeding farm, the chicken coops that are ready to brood should be fully disinfected, especially the chicken coops that have been fed. The chicken coops should be washed with water, thoroughly cleaned, and after drying for a week, all doors and windows should be cleaned. They are all closed, and choose to use a briquettes stove for formaldehyde disinfection. Generally, one bottle of formaldehyde per 20 square meters is used for disinfection. After the stove is grown, the formaldehyde is poured directly into the pot and the doors and windows are closed. It takes about one day, one night, and one day to close the doors and windows. After that, open the doors and windows and ventilate thoroughly for a week. There is no formaldehyde smell. The room is kept dry. After about two days, you can enter the broiler fry for brooding.
Warm up the chicken house 12 hours in advance
The chicken house must be warmed up 12 hours before the chickens enter the house. Especially for some large breeders, the brooding house is relatively large. If it is not heated 12 hours in advance, once the chickens enter the house, the temperature will not reach When the temperature reaches 33~35 degrees, the broilers will get together, and if they are not handled in time, they will get together and cause death. Because the temperature does not go up, the broilers will not drink water and eat freely, which will seriously affect the survival rate. Remind the farmers that they must be heated in advance, and the temperature must be above 33 degrees before the broilers enter the chicken house.
Preliminary preparation of the brooding house
It is necessary to prepare the feeder, the drinking fountain, and the electric light in place. The drinking water for the chickens must also be prepared in place. Because it is the newly introduced young broiler fry, it is not suitable to drink cold water at this time. You can prepare cold boiled water and place it in the water. A certain amount of glucose and gentamicin, including water-soluble vitamins, can drink water when the chicken enters the house, and the pellets for the chicken should be placed in the bucket. Because the pellets are relatively large, At this time, you can rub it with your hands appropriately, which will be more conducive to the start of the broiler.
Broiler management
From the first day until the broilers are on the market 50 days later, the process must be followed every day to raise the broilers scientifically. After three days, the newcastle disease vaccine must be vaccinated for the first time. You can choose the Newcastle disease 4 vaccine and vaccinate through drinking water This is relatively simple, especially for large-scale broiler farmers, this method is more preferable. The flu vaccine is generally based on the local epidemic situation. If there is basically no outbreak of bird flu in the local area, it is not recommended to use this vaccine for epidemic prevention, so as to avoid self-defeating.
The second Newcastle disease vaccine defense lasted about 10 days. This time, the Newcastle disease 4 series vaccine was used to prevent the epidemic again to consolidate the previous epidemic prevention. At 21 days, the Newcastle disease 4 series vaccine was used for epidemic prevention again. Bursal bursal vaccine's epidemic prevention, the first defense option is two weeks, you can drink water through the bursal bursal vaccine, the second epidemic prevention, the choice is about 27 days, generally in the entire breeding process, the bursal bursal vaccine needs to prevent two epidemics. Second, the Newcastle disease vaccine for broilers needs to be quarantined three times, even if the entire broiler quarantine work has ended.
Feeding broilers in the early stage requires a lot of concentrated feed. Nowadays, most farmers buy feed directly from the feed company, which saves trouble. But within a week, feed special pellets for broilers. As the pellets are more comprehensive in nutrition and have better applicability, it can help increase the survival rate of broiler fry and reduce the occurrence of diseases. However, if after the mid-term, when broilers are fed, the feed energy will decrease slightly, and the general concentrated feed will be a little less. Corn and wheat bran, especially corn should be appropriately increased, such as soybean cakes, including soybean meal, and fish meal. Relatively it will be reduced, and it is generally marked in the pellet feed.
Once the broilers have reached 30 days or so, they have already entered the later stage of management. At this time, the broilers should eat freely throughout the day. At this time, the light is usually turned off after 12:00 in the evening to allow the broilers to rest fully. Generally after 30 days, the broiler grows faster at this time, and the management must keep up at this time. In order to avoid bacterial and virus infection, keep the indoor bedding frequently and pay attention to proper ventilation. The temperature is generally maintained at 22 degrees at this time. Around 40 days for broilers, at this time the temperature of 20 degrees to 18 degrees is more appropriate. In about 40 days, broiler chickens are also particularly prone to get sick. In order to avoid outbreaks of chicken disease and bursa of Fabry, preventive drugs should be added to chicken feed or drinking water, including vitamins, and frequent ventilation. Ensure the health of broilers and improve disease resistance of broilers. As long as you raise chickens in accordance with science and master more knowledge of raising broilers, you can get good benefits from raising broilers.

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