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Laying Hens Cage Type And Choice


There are some structure features difference between ordinary cages and laying hens cages, When design hens cage, we need to consider laying hens habits and the collection of eggs.These two points are unique characteristics of laying hens cage.Its specifications generally fall into two kinds,respectively are 187×60×33cm and 195×60×33cm.According to gate numbers can be divided into two kinds, respectively is four doors cage and five doors cage, the following is a detailed introduction.

1.The five door layers cage
Higher temperatures and damp places use five door chicken cages.Each door live 3 pieces chickens.single cage 5 door live 15 pieces chickens,one group cage have 6 single cages,cascade arrangement,can live 90 chickens.

2.The four door layers cage
North often use damp places use four doors chicken cages.Each door live 4 pieces chickens.Total 4 doors,single cage live 16 pieces chickens,one group cage have 6 single cages,cascade arrangement,can live 96 chickens.

3.Characteristics of the laying hens cage
The wire of layers cages is very thick and elastic,There are eggs pans,chicken in the cage lay eggs, egg roll to the outside of the cage,easy to pick up,If the wire is too thin,easy to make cages sag,This must have support reinforcement in the bottom of the cage,prevent cages sag.

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