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Why Laying Hen Long-term Lay Small Eggs


Small eggs have two types:Have egg yolk;Egg weight was lower than that in different stages of the breed standard;Another kind is no egg yolk,size is the same as a pigeon eggs,this is one of the abnormal eggs,the reason is different.

The causes of small eggs:
1.The energy and protein of feed is very low.Long-term use of such feed can cause energy, protein supply shortage.Resulting in egg weight is too small.
2.Feed intake is insufficient;
3.Laying hens weighing too little;
4.Light increase too fast too soon,resulting in chickens premature eggs.

Causes of malformations small eggs:
Often produce no small egg yolk is mainly have inflammation caused by fallopian tube.After salpingitis healed, deformity small eggs will no longer produced.