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How To Identify Laying Hens That Don't Lay Eggs


 In a timely manner to eliminate laying hens that don't lay eggs is an effective measure to improve the rate of the layers.Through practice, we summarized the following methods:

1.Look the shape:laying hens that not laying eggs temperament nervous, easily frightened, feathers often more tidy, but pale comb atrophy;While the layer chicken disposition gentle, the hens are gentle temperament, feather is not clean, but the bright red comb, look lively, bright eyes.

2.Look head and feet:The beak, eyes and toes skin of sick laying hens is yellow,while healthy laying hens is white.

3.The abdomen:The sick laying hens abdominal contraction, feather is rough;While the healthy laying hens belly full, soft;

4.The anus:sick laying hens anal white and moist, large oval;

5.Feces:sick laying hens manure drying, more green;The hens feces plump, moist, white surface coating layer of mucus (ie urate).

6.voice:Touch sick laying hens is turbulent, and issued a "ji ji" exclaimed;The laying hens was tight from the wings, crouched in the cage, issued a "giggle" sounds.

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