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How To Prevent Wet Of Henhouse


 Low humidity on growth and laying flocks is very negative.Prevent henhouse damp should adopt the following 8 kinds of methods:
1.Should choose the reasonable construction site.We should choose the terrain, drying, drains, the environment quiet, ventilated place to build the henhouse.
2.Proper ventilation should be strengthened.Low winter temperatures, should be controlled ventilation rate, average temperature below 15 ℃.The chicken body around wind speed should not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.2 meters per second.
3.Appropriate breeding density shall be maintained.Density is too large, crowded cluster, go against moisture.
4.Stop drinking utensils, remove henhouse ground water leak.Found that drinking water equipment is leaking,need to be closed or replacement according to the circumstance processing.
5.Regular nightsoil.Sweep the ground garbage dirt, can reduce henhouse moisture factor.
6.To improve in the henhouse environment.Winter henhouse is given priority to heat preservation, Sherwin not less than 12 ℃.
7.Active prevention and treatment.Caused by the henhouse ground moisture and bacterial enteritis (scours, gastrointestinal diseases) and viral diseases, infectious bursa of fabricius inflammation, Newcastle disease, the chicken, chicken ball, etc.) treatment in a timely manner.

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