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Feed nutrition measures to improve broiler feed conversion efficiency


Based on the latest research progress at home and abroad, systematic nutritional measures can improve the feed conversion efficiency of broilers by 0.08-0.1 on the current basis (Aftab et al., 2018).
Specific measures include the following aspects: ① Control of feed intake. If the overall feed intake is controlled by 2-3% and waste is reduced, the feed conversion efficiency can be improved by 0.02-0.03; ② Make full use of the compensation growth. If the nutritional intake of broilers at the age of 11-18 is slightly restricted, after 19 days of age, the feed conversion efficiency will be improved by about 0.02, and the performance in long-day-old broilers such as yellow chickens will be more obvious; ③Considering starch digestion.
For example, ensuring that 5-10% of the starch in the formula is slow-digestible starch, which can ensure the synchronization of the digestion and absorption of nutrients, which can improve the feed conversion efficiency by about 0.03; ④Improve the function of the musculature. Ensure that 2-3% of insoluble fiber in the feed formula, such as adding oat bark, sunflower seed meal, etc., adding about 5% of whole grains, etc., feed raw materials such as corn and other coarse crushing can improve the feed conversion efficiency by about 0.04; ⑤ Improve pellet quality. Ensure that the powder content of the finished product is below 20% when the feed is transported to the broilers through the automatic feed line, which can improve the feed conversion efficiency by about 0.03; ⑥Control the tempering temperature during feed processing.
The temperature of feed conditioning is controlled below 80℃ to reduce the reaction and loss of heat-sensitive substances, which can improve feed conversion efficiency by about 0.02; ⑦High-dose use of phytase Adding about 2000 FTU/kg high temperature resistant phytase can improve the feed conversion efficiency by about 0.02-0.04. In summary, it is worthy of practice to improve the current broiler feed conversion efficiency through the above nutritional measures.

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