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Research progress on the application of coarse crushed and matured feed in layer feed


Generally speaking, the coarse crushing process of poultry feed is beneficial to stimulate the development of the muscle stomach and intestines, and improve the efficiency of feed utilization. This effect has been confirmed in the production of broilers.
Powder feed is generally used in the production of layer feed, which is different from the pellet feed used for broiler chickens. Failure to undergo high temperature conditioning may reduce feed utilization and cause a certain risk of microbial contamination of feed and eggs.
Herrera (2018) published in "Poultry science" research on the coarse crushing of layer feed showed that the use of 6.0 and 10.0mm screens for barley, corn and wheat crushed the feed intake, egg production, body weight and egg quality ( Hastelloy unit, eggshell thickness, eggshell strength, eggshell color, egg yolk, egg white and eggshell ratio) have no significant effect. Feeding barley can significantly improve egg weight and feed conversion rate has a tendency to increase. The crushing of 6.0 and 10.0mm screens has little effect on the production performance of laying hens. It may be that the 6.0mm screen can meet the requirements of coarse crushing, but there is no improvement effect if it is increased to 10.0mm. Yang Jie (2018) published in the "Journal of Animal Nutrition" on the different conditioning temperature (70, 80, 90 ℃) treatment of laying hen powder, found that as the conditioning temperature increases, the hygiene indicators of feed and eggs are significant Improved, but there is no impact on the performance of laying hens.
With the increase of feed conditioning temperature, the relative weights of the glandular stomach, muscular stomach, duodenum, jejunum and ileum of laying hens gradually increase, and the coloring effect of egg yolk is enhanced, suggesting that high temperature maturation improves intestinal function and improves feed The efficiency of pigment deposition in egg yolk. Therefore, the use of high-temperature maturation technology in layer feed has certain application value and is worthy of further research and promotion.

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