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How to avoid late delivery of breeders


1. Strictly control body weight in accordance with the growth and development of breeders

At the end of the 4th week, the body weight should be up to the standard or slightly over the standard. There should be no chickens below the standard weight, so that the breeder has a better skeleton development, because the breeder has basically completed more than 85% of the skeleton development at the 8th weekend.
Before 10 weeks, control the feed volume to make as many breeders as possible to reach the standard recommended in the feeding management manual; after 10 weeks, especially after 15 weeks, the weekly gain should reach the standard; for the chickens that exceed the standard after 10 weeks, the weight should be redrawn The curve should not be forcibly pulled back to the standard curve, but should grow parallel to the standard curve.
Weigh at least once a week before 40 weeks; weigh once every 2 weeks after 40 weeks in order to grasp the growth and development trend of breeders and adjust them in time.
2. Strengthen light management
We must not only pay attention to the role of light time, but also not ignore the effect of light intensity. The response of the flock to light stimulation depends on whether the body weight is up to the standard, the uniformity of the flock is good or bad, and the nutritional intake is sufficient. Therefore, light stimulation should be carried out in a timely manner based on the above three points, and the light should be uniform. At the same time, the intensity of light stimulation should be at least 10 times that before the stimulation for the best effect.
3. Maintain good uniformity of breeders
To prevent the problem of poor uniformity, its production value and economic effectiveness will be higher. Therefore, the uniformity of breeders should be grasped from 1 day of age. The better the uniformity, the higher the performance of the flock. 10 weeks ago, we should focus on the regulation of uniformity. The target of uniformity control must reach 85% or higher.
4. Establish a good microclimate environment for chicken coops
Maintain a reasonable feeding density; equip adequate feeding equipment; fast and uniform cloth; maintain good ventilation; strengthen litter management; provide high-quality full-price feed; careful management, reduce stress, and create a good environment for chickens.

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