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The laws of breeder eggs


1. The effect of moulting on egg production: after a long period of time, chickens must shed their old feathers and grow new ones. During the moulting period, the number of days when the hens are stopped between production will increase or stop production. For a chicken flock, due to the inconsistent moulting time, the egg production rate of the chicken flock is low. For this reason, manual forced moulting measures can be adopted to make the flock moult synchronously in a short time, restore physical strength, and then restart production. This not only increases the egg production rate, but also improves the quality of the eggs.

2. Laying cycle: The sum of the consecutive laying days and the intermittently suspended days is called a laying cycle. According to observations, it takes about 24 to 27 hours for a hen to form an egg, and ovulation takes 0.5 hours after the egg is laid. Therefore, in an egg production cycle, the next egg is laid later than the previous egg. When the last egg of the cycle is produced at 3 to 4 pm, production must be stopped the next day. For high-yielding chickens that lay dozens of eggs, the egg formation time is less than 24 hours.
3. Nesting and egg production: The nesting is the brooding, which is the instinct of birds to reproduce offspring. The hen does not lay eggs when brooding. The local varieties that have not been strictly selected have strong nesting ability, while the quality products selected by modernized selection generally do not have the nesting ability.

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