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Health problems associated with hair loss during culture


Health problems associated with hair loss during culture
When laying hens lose health due to health problems, egg production performance will be affected first. However, the health problems that cause laying hens are often a slow process and are not usually caused by acute infectious diseases.

1 toxic diseases
Dioxin poisoning will lay eggs to stop laying, hair loss, irritability, anxiety. Some therapeutic drugs may affect the absorption and utilization of certain nutrients, causing the possibility of feather fall off.

2 ectoparasites
Chicken louse and mite are the common ectoparasitic diseases in cage and laying hens in autumn and winter. Chickens by ticks serious attack and the occurrence of itching and disturbed, suffering from chicken pecking because of pecking and pecking off their own feathers or pecking flesh, and feather fall so that egg production decline. Chicken knees wax pest body through the skin along the feather shaft, causing local skin inflammation, flushing, itching, feathers brittle, off, the parasitic parts of the itching, chicken often peck bite affected area feathers, severe feathers almost all stripped, It is called "hair removal disease", generally common in the back, buttocks, abdomen and wings and other skin.

3 pecking feather addiction
Individual self-eating or mutual pecking feathers or shedding feathers, pecking flesh exposed bleeding, the development of pecking flesh, common in the peak period of egg production and moulting period. 6.4 Nutrition Absorption Barrier
Long-term nutrient deficiency will inevitably lead to damage or loss of feather structure. However, the loss of feathers due to nutrient uptake disorders lagged significantly behind the decline in egg production.



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