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Four seasons management of laying hens



1. Pay attention to climate change, keep warm when ventilation;

2. Fully meet the nutritional needs;

3. When laying loose, set the egg laying box and reduce the eggs outside the nest;

5. Before the weather warms up, clean and disinfect the farms thoroughly, and strengthen the disease detection


1. The main task is to prevent heatstroke and ensure adequate intake of nutrition;

2. 25℃,The laying rate began to decline, eggshell thinning.

3. 30℃,Both egg production and feed intake decreased significantly;

4. 35℃,Heat fainting and heatstroke


1. Increase laying of artificial light, conducive to the promotion of production;

2. Open henhouse closes part of the window at night, prevent catch cold;

3. Pay attention to the ventilation of the henhouse;

4. As soon as possible out of the chickens that autumn feathers and shutdown early.

5. No production, can be small hen vaccination or insecticide.


1. The temperature is too low, egg production and feed conversion rate is low;

2. Sherwin 7 ,production is basically normal;-9 below, there may be frostbite.

3. Do weatherization work, prevent thieves attack;

4. The conditional chicken farm can be heated in the windy weather

5. Do the premise of insulation, should pay attention to ventilation

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