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Five ways to raise weak chicks


 1. Keep in isolation. Due to the poor physique of weak chicks, coupled with slow response. Must be separated from the strong chicks for separate rearing. otherwise. The phenomenon of bullying the weak by the strong will appear in the flock, causing the weak chickens to be restricted in eating and drinking water and activities and cause death.

2. Increase brooding temperature. Weak chicks are mostly caused by poor embryonic development, late hatching and poor yolk absorption. Therefore, a higher temperature should be given during brooding to promote the further development of the embryo and the complete absorption of the yolk. Generally, the weak chicks are placed next to the incubator, and the temperature can be kept at 34~36℃, and the temperature can be increased to 37"C for individual big bellies.
3. Replenish body fluids. Due to slow growth, poor physiological functions, high brooding temperature and high water loss, weak chickens often suffer from insufficient body fluids and affect their growth and development. Therefore, feeding weak chicks should add body fluids in time. The method is to supply 5% glucose water or 8% sugar water to allow weak chicks to drink freely. For those who cannot drink by themselves. Use a dropper to drip feed, 2 to 3 drops each time.
4. Feed reasonably. ①Starting food: The digestive organs of weak chicks are not yet fully developed, and the absorption of egg yolk is not complete, so the starting time is later than that of strong chicks. ②Feeding method: the weaker chicks should be fed less frequently and frequently without hunger or fullness. ③Feeding eggs: While feeding easy-to-digest feed, 3 to 5 eggs should be added per 100 chickens per day, and the feed should be evenly mixed and fed to increase nutrition. ④ Feeding yeast tablets: to promote the development of digestive organs and enhance digestive function. The feeding method is to use 6-8 pieces of yeast flakes per 500 grams of feed per day, crush them and mix them evenly into the feed and feed them for 3 to 5 days.
5. Strengthen nursing. ① Keep the chicken body clean and pay attention to environmental hygiene. ②Feed antibiotics. One is to drink penicillin diluent 1 to 2 times in the early stage, the dosage is 3000 to 5000 units per chick; the other is to drink with 0.01% potassium permanganate solution. ③Isolate and treat sick chicks. ④ Feed the leeks and garlic. This method can not only supplement vitamins, sterilize, but also promote appetite.

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