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Key points for choosing egg chicks


Choosing strong chicks is the basis for improving the survival rate. When choosing chicks, choose a healthy and disease-free breeder farm and meet the following characteristics.

1 pick egg chicks
When selecting egg chicks, choose chicks with the following characteristics. Chicken breeds have high production performance. The toes are round and round, with no signs of excessive storage time, dryness and dehydration.
For some important diseases, it has higher and more consistent maternal antibodies; this can avoid the infection of the disease in the young stage and facilitate timely immunization.
The body weight is relatively consistent, preferably from a breeder flock of the same age, so the maternal antibody is relatively neat and easy to manage. Generally, the weight should be above 349.
The villi are neat and shiny, the abdomen size is moderate, and the umbilical cord heals well. Energetic, lively and active, quick to react, screaming, and struggling to kick when held in the hands. All breeding chickens must be injected with Marek's vaccine within 24 hours after they emerge. And Marek’s disease vaccination is indeed effective.
The mortality of chickens due to bacterial infections within 1 week is less than 0.5%.
2 conditions for young chicks
In addition, new-born chicks with good quality, especially brooders, should also have the following conditions:
The blood relationship is clear, and it meets the requirements of this variety.
No vertical infectious diseases and severe infectious diseases.
Maternal antibody levels are high and neat.
Appearance characteristics conform to the standard of this species.
The above four conditions can only be known by careful investigation and research before picking up the chicks.

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