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Chicken technology experience sharing, chicken "four note"


1.the aim of cutting beaking is to Prevent the chickens beak feather, beak, anus, fresh blood and other vice. Because the Breeding density is too large,Indoor light is too strong, short of feed trough and drinking trough,Crude fiber content is low; Poor ventilation and the chicken itself habits, etc.cutting beak, usually in 6 ~ 9 days of age,In order to prevent bleeding in broken beak,befor two days of cutting beaking, should add 2mg VK, after five day, should add  multidimensional in water.

2.Limited feeding main purpose is to control the growth of chicken,Inhibition of sexual maturity.Chicken feed in a free case, there is excessive food intake,This not only caused economic losses, but also can promote fat chicken savings and overweight,Influence adult egg production ability.Limited feeding can make sex mature timely and in the same period, at the same time can save 10% ~ 15% of the feed.Limited feeding normally from 6 ~ 8 weeks, until the end of 18 ~ 20 weeks..

3.Eliminate stripper chicken to save feed at any time,Improving economic efficiency of chickens, reasonable selection stripper chicken is necessary.Open from 5 ~ 6 weeks, if still have individual chicken did not open, can be eliminated in time.Low yield of chickens out shall be carried out in the open after 40 weeks.

4.Insect repellent insecticide regularly is a key link in laying hens breeding management.It not only can reduce feed waste, lower investment cost, and can effectively prevent various intestinal parasites of chicken, make sure the crowd healthy growth.Insecticide generally compare 2 times is appropriate, first in chicken 7 ~ 8 weeks of age, the 2nd open prenatal 17 ~ 19 weeks in chickens.Can choose a left-handed mi cefuroxime 25 ~ 30 mg mixing materials be given at a time..




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