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How To Choose The Brood Cage


There are many factors influence the growth and development of chicks, such as genetics, nutrition, environment, etc.In the case of general nutrition level gap is not big farms, farm environment became the key determinants of breeding success.

In many environmental factors, the hen house temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting is the most crucial, and difficult to control in daily management.In order to save breeding space, improve breeding efficiency, large scale farms usually adopt the way of a battery.Cage level and position is different, the surrounding environment (temperature and humidity, illumination, ventilation) also have differences.

The main points of the brood cage:

1.Sufficient sunlight, the air circulation, free drinking water;
2.Management, observation, disinfection, nightsoil, easy to operate;
3. Durable, beautiful and easy, for convenient, save a space;
4.Material: low carbon steel galvanized cold drawn steel wire, galvanized is exquisite, corrosion resistance;
5.High quality plastic can overcome chicken breast inflammation caused by the hard cage bottom ;