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What Time Is Good For Poultry Slaughter


1.Broiler chicks,Hen in seven weeks, the rooster in 9 weeks weight gain rate reaches its peak,So broiler chicks 8 ~ 9 weeks of age, body weight in 1.8 ~ 2.2 kg, are ideal time.In this time, chicken high growth speed, feed remuneration and good meat quality, can obtain higher economic benefits.

2.Duck, The ducks weight 6 weeks up to 2.5 kg , 7 weeks up to 3 kg, 8 weeks can reach more than 3.2 kg.8 weeks of age brisket reaches fullest,cut meat can sell best at this moment;As to the sale of the whole duck,7 weeks listed efficiency is better.

3.Goose,General geese growth have three phases.the weight of 20 days is 10 times of birth weight,But ability is poor to adapt to environmental changes.This time the main work is to strengthen management, improve the survival rate, improve the quality of the young goose.Goose is 40 ~ 60 days of age, people through the breeding method, limit its physical development, promote the accumulation of a lot of fat in the body, to increase the weight.At this point, the goose about tender meat, taste delicious, slaughter rate is high.After 70 days of age, geese began the first moult, degree of fat, reduce weight, slaughter rate is low.Practice has proved that no matter what breed geese, 20 ~ 60 age relatively fast growth, high absolute weight, later with the increase of breeding age and decreased, and consumption of material and cost is increased.Visible goose raised to 60 days of age to sell the highest economic benefit.

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