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The basic requirements of baby chicken care house


Baby chicken care house with generally three basic requirements: 1.keep warm ,2. keep dry, 3.keep ventilated.


1. Good warm-insulation properties:  baby chicken care house surrounding sites and the roof should have good insulation properties, so can maintains a temperature of 20 ~ 25 ℃ throughout the year, roof height can be about 2 meters. For higher house, it can be installed on the ceiling for insulation and energy saving.


2. The ground should be dry:  baby chicken care house must be built on higher ground, with good drainage and no water; in the wet season the walls should not have droplet and floor should avoid wet phenomenon.


3. Well ventilated: baby chicken care house must be guaranteed of proper ventilation under the premise of keeping warm. You can design more house door and window to flexibly adjust the temperature by closing and opening the windows. It must be noted that the baby chicken care house can’t bear too much, too fast air flow, especially should avoid in a stright draught.


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