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What is the high mortality rate of chicks?


6 reasons for the high mortality rate of chicks:
1. Disinfection and sterilization
Before entering the chicks, the chicken shed was incompletely cleaned, without fumigation and disinfection, and only sprayed with disinfectant once or twice to promote the existence of microorganisms for a long time, and the chicks were susceptible to Escherichia coli, streptococcus, etc., leading to death.
2. Chicken shed temperature
Before entering the chicks, the pre-heating of the livestock house is not enough, which causes the chicks to gather together and squeeze to die; the temperature is too high, the chicks have a high suction compressive strength, and there is more water shortage; the temperature is high and sometimes low, the chicks are easy to catch cold and cause diarrhea , Drying off, all harm the digestion and absorption of egg yolk.
3. The natural environment of the chicken shed
When brooding chicks in spring and winter, Guang was worried about heat insulation, ignoring proper ventilation, and keeping the air in the livestock house fresh, resulting in high levels of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, mild respiratory symptoms, and more serious poisoning.
4. Relative feeding density
Most of the farms have over-feeding conditions. Over-feeding makes the flocks dense and inconvenient to observe the conditions of the flocks. The growth and development are irregular, the gas is not good, and the disease spreads quickly, which leads to a higher mortality rate.
5. Misuse of therapeutic drugs
After entering the chicks, special drugs for chickens are not used to prevent white diarrhea, but people say that if the drug sellers, they will use many antibacterial drugs, and even use the antibacterial drugs marked with 200KG of water in a few days, which aggravates the liver and kidneys. Bear, causing a large number of chicks to die.
6. Immunity is not immediate
Chicken flocks are very prone to respiratory symptoms. Some chicken farmers stop taking the medicine as soon as they hear that the flock's breathing sounds are too heavy. This delays key infectious diseases such as Newcastle disease and the bursa of bursa, leading to infectious diseases. In addition, they do not enter the chicks in autumn. Attach great importance to the early prevention and control of fowl pox vaccines, until 60 days or 120 days after stabbing the breeder fowl pox vaccines, there will be more serious fowl pox diseases, especially throat fowl pox, which is more likely to die.

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