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How to strengthen the management of chicken breeding?


1. Breeding
(1) Temperature and humidity control. In the case of chickens, you must pay attention to the temperature and humidity. Keep in mind that the temperature in the chicken room is high and sometimes low. Generally, the high temperature resistance of the chickens is different. If there is a temperature and humidity problem, the chickens will be dried out immediately. And digestive tract diseases. Generally, 3-day-old chickens are suitable for chickens in a natural environment of 34~36℃. The humidity of the environment can be controlled at 65%~70%, which is accompanied by the growth and development time of the chickens. Increase, temperature and humidity can gradually decrease.
(2) Drinking water and feeding. Since the chicken body also has some undigested egg yolk, immediately drinking water can promote the digestion and absorption of the egg yolk and assist the digestion and absorption of the chicken. In addition, it can improve the resistance of the chicken. In addition, you can add a moderate amount to the drinking water. Fructose and water-soluble vitamins, and maintain the cleanliness of drinking water, improve the disease resistance of chickens, feed less and more frequently, and ensure that the chickens eat at one time to prevent extravagance and waste.
(3) Light and relative density of rearing. The eating, fitness exercises, drinking water and light, and the relative density of feeding of chickens are closely related. Unscientific light and relative density of feeding will cause the chickens to become nervous, reduce their appetite, and harm the physical and mental health of the chickens. The relative density of feeding is not Proportionality will cause the growth and development of chickens to vary in size, and it is very easy to get sick. Therefore, the control of light and relative feeding density is also very important.
2. Disease prevention and control
Chicken flocks have low resistance and are susceptible to diseases. Very flocks are raised in large groups on WeChat to produce pneumonia epidemics such as Newcastle disease, infectious bursitis, Marek’s disease, and infectious acute bronchitis. It is collective in order to prevent the spread of the pneumonia epidemic. It is necessary to prevent the pneumonia epidemic. Generally, the chickens are vaccinated with Marek's disease vaccine at the first day of age. At the age of 2 to 5 days, the chicks use mouth-opening medicine to drink water to the chicks to facilitate the cleaning of the chicks salmonellosis. The use of avian influenza virus oil vaccine to vaccinate chicks can prevent Newcastle disease and infectious acute bronchitis. For chickens aged 22-25 days, use some antibiotics to prevent chickens from respiratory diseases.

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