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What is the impact of damp chicken coops on chickens?


In winter, large-scale chicken farms face a problem, which is to solve the problem of dampness in the chicken coop. As we all know, long-term humidity in a chicken house will not only increase the incidence of chicken flocks, but also affect production performance. Therefore, in the face of this situation, we should solve this problem from two aspects: ventilation and dehumidification.

1. Increase the incidence
When the chicken house is wet, the environment of the whole chicken house will be harsher. This environment is the favorite of many bacteria, which leads to a significant increase in the incidence of various diseases. Many chicken coops are caused by this. In such an environment, these bacteria can breed in many places, and it is very easy to infect chickens. In addition, chickens in chicken coops are exposed to more, and the infection is faster. of. Humidity will greatly increase the incidence of chicken coops, which everyone should keep in mind.
2. Slow growth
This can also lead to impaired growth of broiler chickens, because of the poor environment, many chickens will not adapt, resulting in various problems, such as appetite, digestion, overall vitality and other issues. Some serious ones will also cause the sales of chickens because their ability to take in nutrients cannot keep up with the nutrients consumed, so the chickens will naturally lose weight over time. This is also something everyone should pay attention to.
3. Affect egg production
Everyone may think that the impact on egg production is relatively small. In fact, the impact is not small. After all, the hen's condition is not good, and the egg production is naturally not much guaranteed. In addition, the hen will feel cold when laying eggs due to humidity. Because it is wet, the hen will not be willing to lay the eggs more often. This is the impact on egg production.
4. Increased parasites
Finally, there is the parasite. Because of the humidity, many parasites will live better, increasing their survival time. The contact time between chickens and parasites becomes longer, so the chance of infection naturally becomes higher. In addition, after the environment becomes suitable for the survival of parasites due to humidity, the chances of chickens infecting each other with parasites will also increase. At this time, the parasites will multiply faster and infect better in the chicken house, so pay more attention.

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