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What are the disease prevention and control measures for raising broilers?


1. Strengthen sanitation and disinfection
In the prevention and control of chicken diseases, disinfection must always be placed in an important position. Three links must be done well, namely the disinfection of the chicks before they are placed in the house, during the entire breeding period, and after the chickens are sold. Before the chicks enter the house, the house and utensils should be strictly rinsed and disinfected (the house should be repeatedly disinfected more than three times). Three key points should be mastered during the entire breeding period: a disinfection pool should be set at the door of the house, and the disinfection water should be replaced frequently. Before feeding the chickens, change work clothes and pay attention to the disinfection of hands and shoes. Usually, we must insist on regular disinfection of the inside and outside of the chicken house. Generally, twice a week in spring, increase the frequency of disinfection when the chickens become sick. After selling the chickens, clean the chicken manure inside and outside the chicken house in time, and thoroughly clean and rinse the inside and outside of the chicken house. disinfect.
2. Get vaccinated correctly
Farmers should strictly vaccinate according to the immunization procedures suitable for the local epidemic situation. The correct vaccination must pay attention to the following issues: the vaccine species should be consistent with the age of the flock; various vaccination methods (mainly eye drops, nasal drops, injections, thorns, etc.) have strict regulations and should be done according to the instructions : The dilution of the vaccine generally uses a special diluent or distilled water. The diluted vaccine must be used up within the specified time. Each chicken should be vaccinated; pay attention to the storage of the vaccine, eye drops, and nasal drops for 24 hours before and after immunization. Spray and water disinfection.
3. Regular drug prevention
Viral diseases are achieved through vaccination to achieve the purpose of prevention, while most bacterial diseases rely on the regular delivery of drugs to achieve the purpose of prevention. Bacterial diseases and parasitic diseases prevalent in spring mainly include colibacillosis, salmonellosis, chronic respiratory diseases, coccidiosis, etc. The occurrence of these diseases is mostly related to age and environmental changes, which requires According to different situations, different medication prevention procedures are developed. Such as: Salmonella disease is prone to occur in brooding chickens; while chronic respiratory diseases and E. coli are prone to occur in winter and spring; coccidiosis mostly occurs in 15 to 60 days of age. To arrange the medication time correctly, we must first understand the diseases that are susceptible to infection at each age and each feeding stage, and timely administration of the medicine can achieve the purpose of prevention.
4. Detect sick chickens early and deal with them as soon as possible
If the disease is detected as early as possible, measures can be taken as soon as possible, so as not to delay the best treatment opportunity. Early detection of the occurrence of disease can start from the following aspects: check the chickens every day (preferably in the morning), pay attention to the symptoms, especially the mentality, mobility and fecal status of the chickens; observe the daily feed intake of the chickens, once there is leftover feed There are more, and a certain number of chickens may be sick; listen to the chickens for bad breath sounds outside the chicken house every night, and deal with the problems promptly.

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