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Structure of poultry nipple drinking lines


Nipple-type waterline for chicken farming equipment is an ideal drinking water equipment common in chicken farms. The use of nipple-type waterline drinking water equipment can not only effectively prevent drinking water dripping, but also ensure the safety of drinking water for chickens in chicken farms and reduce the incidence of chicken diseases. Next, I will introduce to you the seven major components and functions of the nipple waterline, a special drinking water chicken equipment for chicken farms.

structure of poultry nipple drinking lines
Special drinking water chicken equipment for chicken farms: the seven components and functions of the nipple drinking water line
1. Filter: The filter is used to filter impurities in the water so that the drinking water system can work effectively and provide enough clean water. Its structure has a plastic shell, a filter screen and two water pressure gauges at both ends, one is an inlet water pressure gauge and the other is an outlet water pressure gauge. When the water passes through the filter screen, the dirt and impurities are absorbed by the filter screen. When the outlet water pressure of the filter is lower than the water inlet pressure, the impurities in the filter screen must be flushed. If the nipple of the medicine device and the pressure regulator affect the normal work, if the sealing structure of the nipple is blocked, a large amount of water will leak, so the filter screen needs to be disposed of or replaced if necessary.
2. Pressure regulator: The pressure regulator should be properly adjusted according to the drinking water needs of the chickens. The transparent water pipe above is set for pressure indication and exhaust. It can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the age of the chickens and the amount of drinking water. There are "+, -" marks, increase water pressure to "+", reduce water pressure to "-". The pressure regulator should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, the whole pressure regulator should be disassembled, and the dirt inside can be cleaned with detergent and scouring pad; on the side of the pressure regulator is the recoil valve, open the recoil valve The valve, when the water flows through, plays the role of directly flushing the water line without going through the pressure regulator.
3. Electric shock line: prevent the chickens in the flat chicken house from jumping onto the waterline (especially during the rearing period), bending and breaking the waterline, causing damage to the waterline.
4. Water line: including two parts: fixed steel pipe and water storage pipe. The fixed steel pipe serves to fix the water storage pipe below to keep the water line straight and firm. Storage pipes are where clean drinking water is stored.
5. Nipple: Including stainless steel ball, sealing ring, flow pin, stainless steel contact and saddle. Function: The stainless steel ball plays the role of water isolation; the sealing ring prevents water leakage; the flow pin plays the role of water intake and water control, when the core is lifted, water can enter; the stainless steel contact is set for chickens to peck water and has water isolation Function; the saddle prevents the nipple from falling out on the plastic tube.
6. Waterline lifting system: including the lifter for overall lifting and the regulator for partial lifting.
7. Dosing device: It plays the role of adding medicine to the waterline.
Through the above content, everyone has already had a clear understanding of the chicken raising equipment of the nipple water line. When purchasing this special drinking water equipment for chicken farms, you should pay attention to the quality of its major structures, and in the future During the use and operation, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of this chicken raising equipment.

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