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How do Chicks beak cut off?


chicken beak cutting machine

chicken beak cutting machine

1. Beak preparation. Before cutting the beak, check the growth of the flock. Generally, the beak of the chick should be cut just after the shell or one week later. It should not exceed two weeks at the latest, because the body of the chick has matured and is more sensitive to pain. Over time, it may cause bleeding and wound infection. Before cutting the beak, observe the health of the flock. If the diseased and weak chickens are found, they should be picked out in time and raised separately. When they are healthy again, the beak should be cut. Otherwise, the physique is weak and the beak cutting may cause death.
2. Beak breaking method. Nowadays, there are professional beak cutters for beak cutting. You can also use electric iron and iron slices to burn and burn. It is more convenient to use the beak cutter to break the beak. Hold the chicken in one hand, and press the throat of the chick with your index finger in the other hand. The tongue is retracted so as not to damage the tongue when the beak is broken. Then insert the chick's beak into the hole of the beak cutter, heat the hot blade and cut it from top to bottom. The excision part is the excision part. The upper beak is from the tip of the beak to the half of the nostril, and the lower beak is from the tip of the beak to the nostril. One-third of the nostril should be burned for 2-3 seconds after removal to stop the bleeding. Remember not to burn for too long to avoid adverse reactions to the chicks. If you don’t have a professional beak cutter, you can use electric iron and iron sheet, and also use the iron sheet to make a small hole to fix the beak. Repeat the same operation with electric iron or cut it directly with scissors. , When the waist is ironed to stop bleeding.
3. Precautions for beak breaking. After the beak is cut off, the chicks will cause a series of stress reactions, such as bleeding, decreased immunity, and infectious diseases. In severe cases, it can lead to the death of the chicks. Therefore, the management after the beak is cut off is extremely important. First of all, no vaccine should be vaccinated within two days of cutting the beak. The chicks will have a stress response after being vaccinated. If the two are combined, the mortality rate is extremely high. Various vitamins should be added to the feed and drinking water before and after the beak cut to reduce the stress reaction phenomenon of the beak cut chicks, or reduce the impact of the stress reaction on the chicks. In addition, the timing of beak cutting should be appropriate. It is recommended to do it in the morning when the weather is clear. This can reduce bleeding, stress and bacterial infections. Use a nipple-type automatic drinking fountain within a few days before and after the beak to reduce stress. reaction.

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