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What are the benefits of chicken beak cutting?


Spring is the peak season for the chicken industry to replenish the pens. There are reactions from chicken farmers and the phenomenon of chick pecking, which leads to chaos and restlessness in the entire chicken group. This situation is mostly caused by improper feeding or management. For this situation, beak beaking of the chicks is a good measure.

chicken beak cutting machine

chicken beak cutting machine

What are the benefits of chicken beak cutting?
1. It can prevent the chicks from pecking.
2. Prevent picky feed and hook feed, reduce feed waste.
3. The chicks grow and develop neatly.
4. Improve the brooding rate, good group living, and easy to manage.
5. Conducive to immunity.
Note: Good pecking is the habit of chickens, and it is natural to cause pecking habit. A good beak cutting is the most effective way to eradicate pecking habit of laying hens. Bad beak cutting includes inaccurate position of cutting beak. The upper and lower beaks are too long or too short, which will affect the feeding; excessive burning will cause damage to the chicken and affect the feeding and development; insufficient burning will cause regrowth The new beak does not achieve the purpose of cutting the beak.

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