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Technology to improve the uniformity of broiler breeders


The uniformity of the flock is an important indicator of the growth of broiler breeders during the breeding period, and is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of broiler breeders. According to the level of uniformity of broiler breeders during the breeding period, it is possible to predict the regularity of the chicken flock, the laying rate, the peak period of egg production, the uniformity of egg weight and the survival rate of the flock. In order to improve the production performance of broiler breeders, the uniformity of the flock should be paid attention to from the first week to lay the foundation for improving the overall benefit of the flock.

1. Create a good breeding environment
The temperature should be balanced, and the temperature difference between day and night should not be too large. It should be controlled within 3℃ and the temperature should meet the requirements, especially the relative humidity of the first 3 days should reach 65% or more to avoid early dehydration of the chicks; attention should also be paid to ventilation to ensure air quality. The age of the chicken determines the amount of ventilation.
2. Timely boil water and start food
After long-distance transport chicks are placed in the house, they should boil water and start food at the same time to relieve transportation stress. Thirty minutes before the arrival of the chicks, place the waterer and feed evenly, feed less frequently, feed 6-8 times a day in the first four days, and gradually reduce the number of feedings to promote the development of the intestines and immune system and increase The strength of the muscular stomach. Laying paper pads in the brooding period for the first 3 days to start feeding will help early feeding. Experience has proved that the earlier the chicks get feed and drinking water, the earlier the growth and development and the higher body weight uniformity will be than the chicks whose feeding is delayed for several hours.
3. Cultivate early appetite
If the chicks do not develop a good appetite in the first 4 days, it is easy to cause poor uniformity in the future; in the first 96 hours, feed the crushed pellets, but not too fine.
Fourth, select the chicks
Through the observation of feeding and drinking, pick out those chicks that cannot eat the feed, feed them carefully, and take care of them separately; check the crops after drinking water for 2 hours to see the chickens’ drinking and feeding status; if the water is boiled and fed for 4 hours, it is still For chickens that have not fully drunk and eat, the light, the height of the drinking fountain, and the location of the intake and drinking must be checked. At the same time, chicks need to be vaccinated with several vaccines in the first week. For example, when vaccinating infectious bronchitis for the first time, weak chicks can be picked at the same time and fed separately; It is picked out by hand and crop, and raised separately.
5. Provide sufficient and effective material and water levels
Pay attention to the uniform distribution of the material and water levels, and try to ensure that the chicks can eat and drink within 1 meter within 24 hours. And as the age increases, gradually increase the number of trays and drinking fountains.

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