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The Reason Of Death During The Egg Hatching


Dissatisfied with grazing News (Chinese poultry net) News:

1. Blood ring inside the eggs, embryo death in 1 to 4 days, the eggs stored for too long, or the storage temperature, improper humidity; excessive vibration during transport collision; early hatching temperature is too high; even disinfected eggs; breeder nutritional deficiency or disorder; maternal infection or pathogenic microorganisms bring eggshell embryos.

2. Embryonic more than two weeks after the death of incubation, incubation temperature is too high or too low; poor ventilation, high concentrations of carbon dioxide; chicken feed protein, vitamin, mineral deficiencies.

3. Chamber normal embryos died shell, breeder nutritional deficiency or imbalance. Especially vitamin deficiency prone to this situation.

4. Chamber large, the embryo died shell, incubation temperature, low humidity, eggs malnutrition.

5. Multi embryo death two weeks of incubation, the eggs deposited higher temperature; incubation temperature is too high or too low, poor ventilation; breeder malnutrition or imbalance, vitamin deficiency; maternal or eggshell embryo brought pathogenic microbial infection; Total number of eggs is too small or too small angle.

6. The air chamber is small, the embryo died shell, poor ventilation, excessive harmful gases, excessive humidity.

7. Incubating the first 1-6 days dead embryos increased incubation temperature is too high or too low; poor ventilation; eggs stored for too long, even disinfected eggs fumigation; hereditary breeder hatching rate.

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