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Rearing method of laying hens at later stage of laying


 It is necessary to control weight and anti-aging in laying hens at the end of laying hens to reduce the laying rate and maintain the peak period of egg production.

1. Feeding management

Feeding quantity: Every day to eat 100g laying hens feed, highland brown 119g, Hailan white 101g, appropriate increase in winter.

Adjust the diet: Gradually decreased the level of dietary protein (0.5-1.5 percentage points), and increased the dosage of methionine, vitamin D and calcium, Calcium gradually increased from about 2% in the early laying period to about 4% in the late laying stage, Choline chloride supplementation, lactase Health, sodium and probiotics such as humic acid.

Sampling weighing: once every two weeks, understand the chicken population changes. The body weight of hens can be measured with eyes, hands or scales.

Timely elimination: Timely elimination of low yield chicken and discontinued chicken, pay attention to through the eye (spirit, cockscomb), hand touch and other means of identification.

Add light: increase the intensity of light within one hour per day.

2. Limit feeding

The purpose of feeding restriction is to reduce feed cost, control body condition and improve eggshell quality. 

Time: two weeks after egg laying peak.

Methods: reduce feed 220 g(100pieces per day). Observe the change of egg production for 3-4 days. If it is normal, after a few days, try to reduce it again. If abnormal, it should be restored. In addition, when the chicken group is stressed, the feed should not be reduced.

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