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What Is The Role Of Phosphorus For Chicken


Phosphorus on the formation of bone and somatic cells, the absorption of carbohydrates, fats and calcium nutrients, metabolism, use is required.Calcium and phosphorus is an essential ingredient of the chicken bones and teeth.Phosphorus contained in bones and teeth accounted for 75% to 85% of total phosphorus body.Chicks and chicken fast growth,and it is mainly grown bones and muscles,Such as inadequate dietary phosphorus supply, then impede bone formation, skeletal dysplasia, slow or stop the growth, serious can happen rickets.

Phosphorus and calcium is the main component of egg shell,they have a greater influence on the formation of the eggshell thickness and eggshell,and also affect the chicken egg production.Typically the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in chickens is 2: 1.If the proportion of calcium, phosphorus in feed is undeserved, can make chicken eggs with soft shells, shell eggs, and decreased egg production.

Calcium and phosphorus in the body's absorption and chicken are closely related to vitamin D, vitamin D has a role in promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Phosphorus also participates in metabolic processes in the body, plays an important role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism,And participate in all the important components of living cells and maintain the body's acid-base balance.Phosphorus deficiency, will occur chicken soft bone disease, joint rigidity, loss of appetite, assumes the pica.

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