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Nutritional requirements of high-yielding layers


High-productive laying hens refer to laying hens with a laying rate of over 88%. In order to maintain a higher laying rate, egg weight and better egg quality, nutrient-rich feed should be provided for them.

1. In order to meet the nutritional needs of high-yielding laying hens, the protein in the feed should be controlled above 18%. At the same time, appropriate amounts of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals should be added to the feed. The type and content should meet the physiological requirements of high-yielding laying hens. Production needs.
2. In order to allow high-yielding laying hens to take in sufficient nutrients, they should pay attention to supplementary feeding at night (especially in winter and summer) on the basis of meeting the above conditions, in case of low intake during the day in summer and long time at night in winter. The occurrence of egg laying fatigue syndrome caused by insufficient.
3. In order to prevent the occurrence of food-borne poisoning in high-yielding layers, feed storage and feeding management should be strengthened. Measures should be taken to prevent deterioration or mold in the feed storage. The amount should be appropriate each time during feeding to prevent the feed trough. The leftovers will go bad or moldy and be eaten by chickens.
In addition, environmental control of the chicken coop should be done well to provide a good living environment for the chickens. Clean and disinfect the chicken house regularly to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house, utensils and chicken body.

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