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How to keep the best laying rate in summer


 Laying hens best optimum temperature is 15 degrees to 23 degrees, if more than 25 degrees will produce heat stress response, more serious can kill the chickens, general each year in late June to early September about 3 months of the hot climate, layer form different levels of heat stress, which has a serious impact, in the coming of summer, how to maintain chickens laying performance, in summer become import and essential.

1. Reduced chicken density

To reduce the laying hens breeding density, can avoid the problem that for large density to cause high temperature and is conducive to body cooling and air circulation. Generally on ground chicken from 6-7 per square meter reduce to 3-5, the cage chicken reduced to the original quantity 70%-80%. Before the high temperature of summer coming, For the laying hens in the disease, the disabled, the weak chicken, low yield chicken, fat chicken should take out of in advance; before the peak of lay, for the chickens that are underweight or unopened chicken ,reduce chickens breeding density can conducive to heat dissipation of chickens and improve feeding environment.

2. Lower ambient temperature

Near the chicken ground plant trees and grass can reduce the radiation and heat reflection. Use black or blue woven bags to make window shade to reduce solar radiation in the shed.( But the windows can’t be closed, so as not to affect the ventilation), Cover 20cm thick straw on the roof, and sprinkle with cold water to keep humidity,which can open all door all of the chicken house,and install fan in the house,make the air flow,and drain the hot air, Foul air,make the temperature down,even it can ventilation during night, to eliminate the heat accumulated during the day. 

Chicken longitudinal sets of inlets and outlets,put the cooling pad on the inlet,and exhaust fan on the outlet,the window flow rate should up to 1.8- 2.4 m/s. During the hot weather, when henhouse temperature exceeds 30 degrees, can spray cold water in homes in the ground, walls, ceilings and roof, water spray can also be only for the comb. In addition, in the severe heat stress is a more effective method is selected every day at noon and afternoon, every 1 hour spray to each chicken feather fountain 80-90 l00mL, can make laying rate increased 5.11%. Mist cooling must strengthen the ventilation, otherwise cause sheds excessive humidity, increased heat stress and pathogenic bacteria breeding.

3. Adjust feed nutrition

At noon in summer air temperature is high, chicken feed desire is low, eat less or do not eat, inadequate intake of nutrients, resulting in lack of nutrition. The morning, evening and night temperature is relatively low, chicken feed intake increased desire,eat more.

So adjust the feed time,add the feed frequenty,feed in the morning and night,and supply fresh water when high temperature,better to use the deep mine water,no more than 28 degrees,and add CE Cod-liver oil in water,about 200Kg water with one bag cod-liver oil. Through drinking water can increase fecal excretion, take away excess heat in the body, can increase feed intake and egg production rate.

4. Maintain a good body situation

Heat stress can cause immune suppression, the level of antibody to decline, which leads to immune suppression, so that the disease resistance of laying hens decreased,during the  time to reduce the temperature in the house, we must pay attention to the improvement of the chicken body healty, In addition to usually the brooding period, pay attention to add medicine Zengmian class, in the hot summer, primiparous layer can be in laying into 3 to peak stability between a month long added Qishao Zengmiansan 1000KG of feed / bag or Qi Shao to increase free oral liquid 1000KG of water / bottle, can improve the immunity of chickens, Dangdang safely make chickens laying peak, for more than 160 days laying hens can be added monthly Qishao Zengmian powder 8-10 days 500KG of feed / bag or Qi Shao to increase free oral liquid 1000KG of water / bottle, can improve the overall level of antibodies of chickens, reduce disease occurrence.

5. Deal with the diease for the new hens

About the cause of the disease, a lot of information that is calcium deficiency, Modern studies suggest that the incidence of this disease is related to the specific environmental conditions, During the course of the disease with a lot of CE Cod Liver Oil 1000KG water with one bag,can reduce the death rate. The laying rate above 20% and early summer by prevention was 200KG of water / bag drinking can prevent this disease.

For the serious chicken,can open light and drinker for 1 hour during midmight 11-12 o'clock, In order to reduce the viscosity of the blood, reduce the burden of the heart, reduce the mortality rate,

 In the high season, at five o'clock every afternoon after feeding material, add the appropriate amount of bone grains in the feed , so that the chicken free feeding, to supplement organic phosphorus, can effectively reduce the incidence of the disease. And be sure to pay attention to the content of feed dicalcium phosphate in the summer, to ensure the blood phosphorus level can meet the needs of daily egg production.

In short, when the ambient temperature exceeds 35 degrees, only  one measure of cooling, can not reach the desired effect, should adopt a comprehensive cooling measures. Also do a good job moisture. Strengthen the ventilation and indoor quicklime suction wave method to reduce the humidity inside the shed, and improve health, disinfection, immunity and so on to epidemic disease at the same time.


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