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The control of incubation conditions


3.1Temperature is an important factor to hatch,in the actual production there are two schwing methods:constant temperature and varying temperature,constant temperature 1day to 19 day is 37.8 ℃,20 day-21 days is 36.5℃--37.2℃;variable temperature incubator is used from high to low temperature method,such as 1day--4 days 38.2℃,5 days--7 days 38.0℃,8 days--12 days 37.8℃,13 days--15 days 37.6℃,16 days--19 days 37.4℃,20 days--21 days 36.5℃-37.2℃.

3.2Ventilate:embryo must continually in the whole development process for gas exchange with the outside world.ventilation can provide embryonic development need oxygen,emit carbon dioxide,make the temperature more uniform in the incubator,dissipate heat,according to the former small after big principle to open the throttle ventilation,our approach is 1 day to 3 days “close”,4 days--12 days “small”,13 days-17 days”medium”,after 18 days open to “max” until to the end,but as the former ventilation rate is large,it can not increase the hatching rate,just only waste of electricity.

3.3 Humidity:suitable humidity,early time make the embryo heat evenly,later use of heat dissipation and pecked shell out the arnon.Generally,enter hatching humidity 50%-60%,out humidity 65%-75%,early breeder eggs 1 day-19 days to reduce the incubator humidity 3%-5%,20 days-21 days humidity is 70%,mid eggs use normal humidity,late production 1 day-19 days humidity increase 3%-5%,20 days -21 days out humidity is 65%-70% right suitable.check if the humidity is appropriate,measure the breeder eggs hatch in the process.

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