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How does the chicken farm deal with rainy days?


If you ask everyone who raises free-range chickens, what is the most annoying for you? The affirmative answer is chicken disease and rainy days. Chicken disease can be controlled with drugs, but the weather cannot be controlled. Then, how to deal with free-range chickens on rainy days?
1. Rain will make chickens extremely vulnerable to flu;
2. Too much rain can cause coccidiosis in chickens.
3. Too much rain caused the flock to drown.
4. It is cold in rainy days and the flocks are frozen.
5. Feeding is inconvenient.
6. Encountering thunder days will easily cause flock stress.
7. It is easy to power off when it rains.
Just list a few items like this and it is enough for the farmers. Are you worried about rainy days? If so, then look at it, so how to deal with rainy days?
1. Prevent catching cold from rain.
2. Ensure sufficient drinking water and feed for the chickens, and increase the feed and drinking water supply for the chickens in a timely manner to prevent the chickens from drinking water from the ground ditch as much as possible, mainly to ensure that the chickens have clean drinking water and food.
3. Anti-epidemic work should be done in advance, know the rainy days in advance, and give the chicken anti-virus medicine in advance.
4. After it rains, use some intestinal medicines and medicines for prevention and treatment of gastroenteritis, because the weather is humid and the feed is prone to mold, prone to gastroenteritis and small intestinal coccidia.
5. Pay attention to heat preservation to prevent the flocks from crowding and crushing.
6. Feed vitamin C in advance to avoid the stress during thunderstorms. In the event of a power outage at night, you must light up in time.
7. Keep the chickens out if the rain is too heavy, but keep ventilation.

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