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Daily management of laying hens


1. Chickens were observed: Mental state and fecal condition; Food intake and drinking water; Prolapse of the anus, anus pecking phenomenon; there is no accident; Any accidental injury or abnormal growth; Flock, appetite, feces, behavior, etc.

2. Reduce stress: such as catch chicken, injection, immune, debeaking, refueling, water, light, stop people into homes, abnormal sound, color, etc. tFixed breeder and feeding schedule, declined to visit.

3. Epidemic prevention and disinfection: Adopt comprehensive sanitary and epidemic prevention measures: regular disinfection of environment and frequent washing of water trough

4. Diet nutrition: Using fresh and non-polluting feed

5. Water quality and quantity: Ensure water quality and all water supply

6. Pick up eggs: Time fixed, classification, record and packing;

7. Production records: Date, age, number, egg production, survival, death, elimination, material consumption, egg weight and chicken weight.

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