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Poultry farm hygiene standards and disinfection management


1 Chicken farm hygiene standards
1.1 Hygienic standards in the chicken house
When entering the chicken house, step on the disinfection tray and change shoes; the disinfection water in the disinfection tray must ensure a certain concentration of the disinfectant and change it once a day; the floor of the feed room must be clean, free of scattered feed and debris, and no sanitary corners; feeding supplies such as Buckets, buckets, shovel, sweeps, brooms, sprayers, egg trays, egg boxes, medicines, brooms and other items should be placed neatly and orderly; the drinking fountain or water line should be scrubbed with disinfectant once a day and washed with clean water. Ensure that the drinking fountains, water lines, and buckets are free of dirt; keep the floor of the chicken house clean, free of feed, chicken feathers, feces and dirty water, and no sanitary corners; clean the floor of the chicken house after each feeding; keep the feed trough clean No dust, dirt, or damage, scrub once a week on Tuesdays and Fridays; keep the light bulbs in the chicken coop bright, replace damaged bulbs in time, and clean them once a week on Tuesdays and Fridays; clean the manure in the house in time, and clean up once every morning and evening ; No running chickens are allowed on the floor of the chicken house and the manure tank; check the cages of the chicken house at any time and pay attention to timely maintenance.
1.2 Sanitary standards outside the chicken house
Dirty water used in the chicken coop must not be poured on and around the door of the chicken coop. Dirty water must enter the sewer; all doors and windows must not have spider webs; the exhaust ducts should be cleaned in time, and the air ducts should be cleaned once a week. It is not allowed to pile up trash such as feathers and leaves.
2 Poultry farm disinfection management
The purpose of disinfection is to eliminate pathogens spread by the source of infection in the external environment, cut off the route of transmission, and prevent the disease from continuing to spread.
2.1 Empty house disinfection
After the chicken flocks are eliminated, there are a lot of organic matter and pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken coops. We must use the favorable opportunity of empty houses to thoroughly clean and disinfect the chicken coops to avoid the infection of the disease source left by the previous batch of chickens to the next batch of chickens.
Thoroughly remove all organic dirt. Then use a high-pressure water spray gun to rinse three times from top to bottom and from the inside out; the removed equipment and utensils are cleaned and disinfected, exposed to the sun for 2 to 3 days or soaked in disinfectant solution for 24 hours; 20% quicklime milk, spray the walls of the chicken house once; use a flame torch to sterilize metal equipment, etc.; move the evacuated equipment and utensils into the chicken house, close the doors and windows, seal them, and perform fumigation and disinfection. Usually 42 milliliters of formalin and 21 grams of potassium permanganate are used per cubic meter for fumigation for more than 48 hours.
2.2 Disinfection with chicken
To reduce the number of pathogens in a unit space. Disinfection must be comprehensive, thorough and free of dead ends. Calculate the ratio of disinfectant to water. Do not increase or decrease the dose of disinfectant at will. Use two or more disinfectants alternately. Dosage: Baidusha: 1:600 ​​Almighty Classic: 1:1000 Blue light: 1:800; disinfection times: brooding twice a day, at 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. The young chickens and the laying period are disinfected once a day at 9:30 in the morning; when disinfecting, the action should be light and slow, and the spray gun should swing about 0.5 meters above the chicken coop to let the droplets fall on the chicken body from above, not directly spray the chicken body ; When disinfecting the chicken house, there will be no dead corners of disinfection, especially the walls and windows of the chicken house, air ducts, behind the door, etc.; the chicken will not be disinfected the day before, the day and the next day; choose several disinfectants with good disinfection effects alternately use. Screened by chemical experiments.
2.3 Field disinfection: caustic soda 2%
The disinfection pool water at the gate of the site is changed daily to ensure the effective concentration of the disinfection pool water; vehicles entering the site should be disinfected with a disinfector spray; in summer (when there is no epidemic outside) the site is disinfected twice a week, and when there is no epidemic in spring, autumn and winter Disinfect once every two days, once a day when there is an epidemic, and keep a record of the disinfection; the passages of people, vehicles, and objects are cleaned and disinfected every day.
2.4 Off-site disinfection: caustic soda 2%
Under normal circumstances, the fecal farm is disinfected twice a week, and once a day when there is an epidemic; the surrounding environment of the site is disinfected every two days when there is no epidemic in spring, autumn, and winter, and once a day when there is an epidemic, and disinfection records should be made.
2.5 Disinfection of drinking water for chickens
Every chicken house is disinfected with drinking water once a week. Dosage: Baidusha 1:1600, blue light 1:40000.
Operation in accordance with the above hygiene standards and implementation of various disinfection measures can eliminate pathogens in the chicken farm environment, cut off the route of transmission, prevent the spread of the disease, and thereby ensure the health of the chickens and the safe production of the chicken industry.

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