Layer chicken cage
 Automatic feeding system
 Automatic drinking system
 Broiler ground system
 Environmental control system
 Manure removal system
 Egg collecting system
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What chicken equipment do we need?


 General chicken farm equipment including chicken cage system, chicken drinking system, chicken feeding system, environmental control equipment, egg collecting equipment, manure removal system.

一、Chicken cage

Chicken cage including baby chicken cage, layer chicken cages, broiler cages.

Hen cages have Layer and battery type. Layer type have 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers, the battery type cages has 4 layers, 7 layers and 8 layers.

Egg collecting, feeding and manure removal system

The manual operation of the hen house equipment is simple, generally have egg collection carts, feeding vehicles and clear truck. Modern chicken farm equipment is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, clear manure, temperature control ventilation and other systems.

三、Environmental control equipment

1. Lighting system: It consists of wire, lamp tube and controller. Automatic controller can achieve set the switch time arbitrarily, adjust the light intensity, automatic start, light gradually dim and dark, power failure procedures are not chaotic.

2. Ventilation: Discharge the foul air, moisture and excess heat from the henhouse, Add fresh air at the same time. Now the general ventilation of chicken house with large diameter and low speed axial flow fan. Wet curtain cooling system composed of porous pad, corrugated paper wet pad cooling fan, water circulation system and control device for the summer. The air through the wet pad into the henhouse, can reduce the temperature of the air entering the house from 5 to 8 , play a cooling effect.

3. Heating: Using air as medium, coal as fuel, provide pollution-free clean hot air for the henhouse, Such as electric heating, heating, coal stove, etc. The heating system of the hot blast stove is composed by hot blast stove, an axial fan, a perforated plastic pipe and an adjusting air door, equipment structure is simple, high thermal efficiency, heat fast, low cost.

四、Drinking water system

1. Nipple type dinker: It is made up of nipple, water pipe, pressure reducing valve or water tank, a dosing device can also be configured. The seat and spool are made of stainless steel, fit in the valve body and maintain a clearance, using capillary action, the bottom of the valve core often keeps a drop of water, when the chicken is pecking at the water drop, it opens the seat and makes the water run out. Cage breeding and ground breeding can be used. chickens can be equipped with a variety of cups, saving water, only need regular cleaning filter and a water tank, saving labor; durability; not easy to spread the disease, less water consumption, can avoid brushing work, improve work efficiency.

2. Vacuum type drinker: Consisting of polyethylene plastic tube and water tube plate. The barrel is mounted on the plate, the water flows into the drinking water tray through the cylinder wall. When the water will cover the hole it will stop, keep a certain water. Automatic water supply, no overflow phenomenon, water supply is balanced and easy to use.

3. Plasson type: By the bell-shaped body, filter, the size of spring, drinking water tray, valve body and other components. The water flowing from the valve body, through the hole into the bell shaped water dish, to maintain a certain water. Suitable for large rearing. For epidemic prevention, high sensitivity, stable performance, high degree of automation. But the cleaning effort. 

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