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The Overall Design Scheme Of Chicken Farm


In recent years, more and more farmers began to seek multilateral economic resources, preparing a lot of money with financing, joint venture, sole proprietorship, etc., transferred to standardized, large-scale farming model,There appeared the 100000, 200000, 500000 and other large-scale laying hens breeding production enterprises.

If you want to feed more than 100000 chickens, need at least 5 years experience in laying hens breeding, need to have a strong economic base, technology, management and market consciousness.

The basic construction of farm planning:
1.Site choice: to avoid breeding base, the water quality is better.

2.Feeding mode: "brood bred" and "eggs" caged two stage.
3.Coop construction: Recommended Each house 1.5-2 ten thousand breeding scale, adopting closed henhouse, three layer cascade raised four columns, cement floor, white cement batch of white metope, automatic water, feed, ventilation, nightsoil, etc.

Construction of large-scale breeding farms (raising the size to 100,000, for example)

The overall layout of farms:

1.The layout principles: Considering from facilitate prevention and organize production. Partition layout field area for the production area, office area, living area, auxiliary production area, fecal pollution treatment areas and other areas.
2.The arrangement principles: Press dominant wind direction, terrain height and direction of flow were living area, office area, auxiliary production, production areas and fecal pollution treatment zone. Such as terrain and wind is inconsistent, places the main prevailing wind direction.

Overall planning: to comprehensively consider the henhouse sheds orientation, spacing, roads, drainage, fire prevention, epidemic prevention, etc.

100000 large-scale chicken farms recommended design:

Recommended 6 arranged in single or double row house, single-family house is 16 000 pieces chickens closed house, using four columns four aisle three layer cascade caged, fan, water installation, ventilation window, use mechanical nightsoil, mechanical feeding and automatic illumination, automatic water system.

Pavilions henhouse towards: the east-west or south by east (or west) 15 degrees or so, to improve mild avoid solar radiation in summer and winter use of dominant wind direction, improve the conditions of tunnel ventilation for the principle.

2.henhouse spacing: brood breeding shed interval of 10 to 20 meters, laying hens interval of 10 to 15 meters.

Farm roads: farm road trails and dirt road net points are two kinds of net farm road transport as feed, chickens and eggs purposes; sewage channel for the transport of manure, dead chickens and chickens. Both can not be used interchangeably.

(3), chicken auxiliary facilities construction

1, farm gate disinfection pool

The ground should be divided clearly with the outside world;Based on the different area and the entrance door to set up disinfection pool.Vehicle disinfection pool long as through the largest vehicle length of 1.3 to 1.5 times.Disinfect pool are - 30 to 50 cm deep

2, farm road design

(1)Farms road inside:
We should consider transport and epidemic prevention requirements when design the road.It requires clean roads and dirty roads separate, split clear, do not cross, good drainage, pavement quality is better.Road recommended concrete structure, the thickness of 15-18 cm.Concrete strength C20 above, roads and buildings distance of 2-4 meters.

1)Farms road outside:The minimum width of the road is two medium-sized car side by side, which is about 4 to 8 meters.

The design of water supply and drainage

(1) We need to build another pump house, water towers and pipes.

(2) the production and living waste water with buried pipes discharge;Rainwater drainage according to the court terrain design drainage line.

4, the court circuit design

(1) Use the voltage of 220V / 380V.

(2) choose the nearest power; power transformer should meet the maximum power load floor.

(3) a high degree of mechanization of farms, you must configure the backup generators.

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