Layer chicken cage
 Automatic feeding system
 Automatic drinking system
 Broiler ground system
 Environmental control system
 Manure removal system
 Egg collecting system
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The advantage of chicken cage rearing.


 1.make full use of the space, Save the land resources,on the equal space, cage rearing is twice as the net rearing.

2.Improve the hen house breeding environment, and improve the survival rate.

 Cage rearing are full closed chicken farming,it can reduce the disease infection and the rate of etiology spread; cage rearing broiler chicken have a small space,can controller spread disease, reduce cross infection; hen house equip automatic cleaning manure belt. Clean the manure out of hen house timely. To reduce the harmful gases such as ammonia gas,carbon dioxide.Effectively improve the breeding environment in hen house.

3.Save feeding cost and increase economic benefits

 Save energy.The cage layer facilities for centralized control temperature,Caged rearing than net rearing coal can be saved on average 0.13 yuan/only,The caged breeding than the net rearing can save about half the fuel costs.

 Save labor.Comprehensive consideration, cage rearing than net rearing can save at least 1 person of labour cost.

 Saving Feeding,Caged rearing can reasonable arrangement of chickens activity space,Less energy consumption, and water level is enough, Chicken to eat water evenly, spilling less feed, breeding high market chicken feed conversion is the Internet.

4.Reduce the pollution of excrement and urine, improve the utilization value of manure.

 Be clear in time through the conveyor belt with waste cage layer facilities,Dung relatively dry,Easy to use of microbial fermentation technology processing,After handling dung can sale high price than net rearing.Both farm household economic benefits can be improved, and can solve the problem of waste pollution and biological safety

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