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The main points of temperature management during the breeding of chicks


Temperature is directly related to food intake, water consumption, digestion and absorption, various physiological activities in the body, and resistance to diseases.

Within 3 hours of long-distance transportation of small chicks into the house, the house temperature should be 38℃~39℃. This is because the space, density, air, temperature, and time on the chicks are not standardized, and most of them are squeezed together in a half-sleep state. Therefore, after the chicks are discharged into the house, they are bumped, dehydrated, stressed, It is difficult to adapt to cold, hypoxia and other reasons for a while. Increasing the house temperature can quickly alleviate this problem and make the young chicks move and rest evenly. Drink water for the chicks after 3 hours. The room temperature should be 37°C in the future. After 2 to 3 days, the house temperature should be 35°C to 36°C. The temperature should be controlled at 33°C to 34°C for 4 to 7 days. , Until it drops to 21℃.
It is worth noting that due to the different placement of the thermometer, the error is very large, so the distribution of the chicks is the sign of judging whether the temperature is appropriate. If the temperature is appropriate, the chicks will be evenly distributed and move freely; if the temperature is too low, the chicks will get together and get close. The heat source, chirping endlessly; the temperature is high, the chicks will stay away from the heat source, breathe with their mouths open, and drink plenty of water.

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