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How to prevent chicken’s heat stress in Summer


 The perfect temperature of layer chicken is 13-23℃。When the temperature of the chicken house reach to 30℃,the chicken still can metabolism to keep the normothermia.If the environment temperature is higher than 30℃,chicken feed intake will decline,eggs production smaller and decline.The house temperature reach to 38℃,eggshell quality become bad and broke eggs increase.Once more than 40℃,the chicken’s temperature will rise sharply and increase the sudden death risk of chicken.High temperature will make the chicken drink more water,such as in the environment of 15℃,the rate of water and intake feed is 1.82:1,in the environment of 30-35℃,the rate of water and intake feed is 4.9:1.

The environment temperature higher,the stoking density should be smaller.the standard as below: temperature is 25℃,density is 22chiken/㎡,temperature is 30℃,density is 18chiken/㎡,temperature is 35℃,density is 14chiken/㎡。In the same time should be installed the fan and wetted pad.The cooling effect of wetted pad is related with house’s initial temperature and humidity.The humidity higher than 80%,it is suitable to use wetted pad.

There are 3 kinds of method:1,Make the Feeder turn more times. 2,Clean the feeder everyday to make the chicken eat tiny pellet conveniently.It include the vitamin and mineral substance mainly to resist the heat stress. 3,Feed pellet not too smaller to reduce the dust.

Ensure the nutritional requirements:

1, Add oil,add grease in heat stress more effective than add in the soft environment.

2, Protein, The key is to ensure that the essential amino acid intake is enough, at the same time, to minimize the total crude protein intake.

3, Vitamin,vitamin C has the very good effect of thermal stress

4, Mineral,heat stress, mineral discharge increases, the absorption rate is reduced, it is recommended that increase mineral intake.

5, Electrolyte is recommended to add NH4CL, HCL or KCL to adjust acid-base balance. 0.2 ~ 0.4% KCL can effectively increase water quantity. In all, it is suggested that in the summer heat stress, premix add 10 to 20% increase in proportion. For example, 5% of the premix should add 5.5% or 6% to ensure adequate nutrition is laying hens and rate.

Pay attention of Catch chicken:
Do not catch the chicken during the heat of the day, and immune, broken beak and turn group, it must be in the most cool moment.

Reasonable to control water temperature:
Drinking cold water will not reduce the egg production rate. According to the relevant study in the living room, all chickens in 33 ℃ room temperature, half chicken drink 2 ℃ of cold water, the other half chicken drink of 33 ℃ warm water. Drink cold water of the chicken feed more than 12 grams per day, half rate increase 12%, the average egg weight slightly smaller, but they are mainly due to the frequency of egg production increase, the total egg production have risen sharply.

Adjust the feeding time:
In Heat stress, a meal in the morning and night,one time in  the midnight. Do not feed  in the middl noon, feeding is the best in the morning 5:00 ~ 6:00 in the morning. Feed 40% of the consumption rate,  feed 60% of the consumption in the afternoon. Afternoon feeding capacity is mainly help more directly absorbed by the intestinal calcium for egg production, but also accumulate energy to chickens to produce eggs in the morning, 40 minutes earlier the chicken need more energy to egg production. At 0:00 ~ 1 a.m. , extra for half an hour or an hour of light is also very useful, it will help chicken to eat 5 ~ 10 grams of feed. But it must be ensure that there are 3 hours dark before and after this light to ensure the normal cycle of the chicken is not interference.

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