Layer chicken cage
 Automatic feeding system
 Automatic drinking system
 Broiler ground system
 Environmental control system
 Manure removal system
 Egg collecting system
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 [Question] : Are you the direct manufacturer or trading company?

We are the direct manufacturer for near 20 years.

 [Question] : Can the products be customized?

We can produce the products according to your detailed requirements. 

 [Question] : What is the material of the cages and what is the thickness of the wire?

Our cages have cold galvanized wire kind, hot galvanized wire kind and Green PVC coated kind and different parts of the cage, we make the different wire diameter, it ranges from 3.6 to 2.3.

 [Question] : How to start a chicken house?

Tell us the size and type of your house/shed and the quantity of chickens (broiler or layers?) you want to breed, we would lead you step by step and help design for you freely.

 [Question] : Which automatic equipment I need ?

Whole series of a poultry chicken house includes egg incubator, cages, automatic drinking system, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collector, automatic manure removal machine, Environmental control system.

 [Question] : How many cages I need?

It depend on how many chickens you want to breed or the size of your chicken house/shed.

 [Question] : What's the MOQ of the products? 

We always suggest you the economic quantities for you to save your budgets.