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Technical points for hatching chicks


Spring is the golden season for hatching chicks, and it is also a period when chicks are selling well. The author suggests that the following technical points should be mastered according to the development of the embryo when the chick hatches.
Humidity The indoor relative humidity is maintained at 60% to 65%; the relative humidity of the incubator is 55% to 60%; the relative humidity of the hatcher is 65% to 70%.
In order to make all parts of the eggs evenly heated and maintain the normal development of the embryo, the eggs should be turned on time. For hatching on the heated kang, the eggs can be turned once every 4 hours; for machine hatching, the eggs can be turned once every 2 hours, and the angle of turning the eggs is preferably 90 degrees.
After 12 to 13 days of incubation, the eggs should be cooled twice a day, so that the heat generated by the fetus in the egg can be dissipated in time to prevent "spontaneous combustion" death. The temperature of the cold egg should be controlled at about 36 ℃, that is, when it comes into contact with human skin, it can feel warm and not cool.
Ventilation While maintaining normal temperature and humidity, we should pay attention to frequent ventilation to keep the air in the room or incubator always fresh.

It is also necessary to choose a smart egg incubator.

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