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What should I do if I am afraid of cooling down when raising chickens in winter?


Many farmers also realize the importance of ventilation in raising chickens in winter, but they dare not to ventilate because they are afraid that ventilation will cause cooling. How to achieve ventilation without cooling down? The two are opposites, ventilation and air circulation will inevitably cool down. In the process of the ventilation management of the chicken house, when coordinating the contradiction between the two, it should be clear that the premise of ensuring a small amount of ventilation, no matter how low the environmental temperature of the chicken house is, the small amount of ventilation must be ensured.

In winter, ventilation is generally through lateral side windows, with a small amount of ventilation, mainly to exhaust harmful gases in the pen to the outside to achieve the purpose of ventilation. When opening the side windows for ventilation, pay attention that the cold air in the side windows cannot be directly blown to the chickens. The angle of the side windows should be adjusted in time. The angle is large during the day and small at night. Increase the ventilation rate when the temperature is high at noon to accelerate the discharge of harmful gases.
Purify air quality and disinfect with chickens. Disinfection can eliminate the source of disease and reduce the incidence of disease, but at the same time the humidity in the chicken house will increase and the temperature will also be affected. To solve this contradiction, the fumigation and disinfection model can be used, which has the best of both worlds.
Clean manure regularly, and add microecological and probiotic Jinke No. 1 to the feed. Manure is the main cause of ammonia gas. Because of the low temperature in winter, the chicken's drinking water is small, and the manure is dry, many farmers will prolong the manure removal time, resulting in excessive ammonia in the pen. Adding Jinke No. 1 to the feed can not only improve digestion, but also balance the number of intestinal flora, increase beneficial flora, reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases, and reduce stool odor.
The other is to turn on the fan for ventilation. Determine the number of fans to turn on according to the small amount of ventilation, and use temperature-controlled fans for ventilation, and adjust the air outlets correctly. Use low temperature as the turn-on value at night, and the fan will not start when the temperature is low.

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