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How to raise chickens to grow fast without getting sick?


1 If you want to raise chickens without getting sick and growing fast, it is generally best to feed them mainly with feed. This is less tolerant of ghosts making chickens sick, and the nutrients in the feed are relatively balanced.

2 In addition to feed, you also need to feed some grains. This is a necessary measure, so that it can grow better and faster. Generally, rice is best.
3 If there are more chickens, it is best to build a chicken house, and the hygiene of the chicken house must be cleaned regularly, so as to ensure the environment, so that the chickens can not get sick and grow faster.
4 Don't be reluctant to get vaccinated when raising chickens. This is a must. Although overall the price will be more expensive. But this will prevent the chicken from getting sick.
5 It is also necessary to raise chickens properly. The chickens will eat some insects and other things outside, so that the chickens can have a certain amount of exercise, so that they can grow faster without getting sick.
6 Finally, if the chickens do not get sick and grow fast, you also need to pay attention to prevent other animals from attacking. Generally, it is best to raise a few roosters for protection.

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