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How to raise carnivore chicken?


1. Temperature When raising broiler chickens, the temperature should be controlled first, and its temperature should be similar to that of laying hens. After about 3 days after entering the chicks, the temperature should be controlled at about 33 degrees. Then reduce the temperature appropriately with the passage of time, generally about 3 degrees per week. Know that the temperature drops to about 21 degrees, stop the cooling work. Temperature control should be carried out according to the situation of the chickens, so that the chickens do not open their mouths and do not get together.

2. The growth rate of density broilers is relatively fast, so when raising broilers, we must pay attention to control the breeding density. The chickens should be evenly distributed in time to ensure that each chicken can eat and drink normally, and create a good environment for the rapid growth of broilers. Feeding density should not be too dense, to ensure that each chicken has sufficient growth space, and then feed the broilers with full-price feed, and the drinking water should be supplemented with some vitamins to improve the anti-stress ability of the broilers.
3. The light should be in the first three days after entering the chicks. It is best to provide the broilers with light time throughout the day. Encourage broilers to pass the early stage, and then on the fourth day, turn off the lights at around 12 o'clock every night, and turn off the lights for about an hour in the middle of the day. However, it is also possible to feed normally during the day, and then turn on the lights when feeding the feed every night, so that the chickens can develop a weight gain cycle of feeding rest, and enhance the growth ability of broilers.
4. Disinfection of chicken coops Actually, we should do a good job of disinfection before broilers enter and exit. Thoroughly disinfect the walls and floors in the house. The disinfection method should be fumigation and disinfection. The chicken house should be sealed before fumigation and disinfection, and then use Dexter and other disinfectants for fumigation. Traditional fumigation and disinfection methods such as formaldehyde and potassium permanganate can also be used for disinfection. After disinfection, the chicken house should be sealed for one day, and then the windows should be opened for ventilation.

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