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How to choose healthy chicks


In the broiler and layer breeding process, how to select high-quality chicks is very important, because the size and physical quality of the chicks directly determine the growth rate, individual size and disease resistance of the chicken body in the future growth and development process. Then there are several key factors to choose a good chick:
1 listen
First of all, we can listen to the whining sound of the chicks when selecting the chicks. The chicks of good quality are loud, crisp and breathing normally, while the chicks of lower quality are not loud.
2 look
2.1 Look at the size
When we select chicks, the first point we need to look at is the overall situation of the brooding flock. A good flock should be the size of the flock, and the individual chicks should be uniform. The proportion of weak chicks should be less than 3%.
2.2 Look at the color
A good flock should have the same color of the chicks. Those that should appear yellow as a whole are considered to be a superior flock, if there is a difference in yellow and white in the flock. It shows that the time of the chicks are different, and the time of the yellow chicks is relatively earlier. The white chicks come out relatively late.
2.3 Look at mental state
When we select the chicks, we can take out a few chicks from the chicks box and put them on the chicken shop. Healthy chicks should be alert, vigorous and lively. Chickens with weaker physique showed poor spirits, lying down, and dull eyes. If the chicks are placed on the spreading net and the temperature in the house is normal, the chicks will be evenly distributed in the house. And eating and drinking were normal.
3 touch
After listening to and watching the whole flock, we can bring the chicks into contact with them to further identify the pros and cons of the chicks.
 (1) Healthy chicken chicks have a soft abdomen, good umbilicus healing, no black navel, closed umbilicus, and no big belly.
 (2) The legs of healthy chicks are yellow and plump, and there is no redness in the tarsal joints. If the chick’s legs are white and dull, it must be a sick chick. If the chicks are dehydrated. The chicken paws will have bulging blood vessels and dull skin.
 (3) Check whether there is bleeding at the tip of the chick's beak.
 (4) Feel whether the temperature of the chicken paws is normal, and the temperature of the normal chicken paws should not be lower than the temperature of the chicken body. You can put the chick on the back of your hand or the back of the neck to feel it. If it feels cold, it proves that the chick has a low body temperature.

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