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Temperature and humidity management measures for chicken coops


1. Temperature. The temperature of the brooder is controlled at 33-35°C in the first week, and then lowered by 1-2°C every week, and can be maintained at 18-20°C in the eighth week. During the brooding process, the temperature should be flexibly adjusted according to the performance and state of the chicks, and the temperature can be released after 8 weeks of age.
2. Humidity. Before 10 days of brooding, the humidity in the brooding house should be kept at about 63%. If the humidity is too low, measures such as placing an evaporation pan on the coal stove in the brooding house can increase the humidity. After 10 days of brooding, the breathing rate and excretion of the chicks will increase, and the brooding house will start to be wet. You should pay attention to proper ventilation, timely removal of feces and replacement of agglomerated bedding to reduce the humidity in the house.

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