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Chicken Temperature Standard And Its Control


Because chicks thermoregulatory function is not perfect,so chicks are afraid of the cold and can't stand the heat.

If the environment temperature is too high,it will affecting the heat and water loss of chicks body,temperature balance disorders,anorexia,growth retardation,death rate increased;

If the environment temperature is too low,chicks gather together,action is not flexible,chicken feed and drinking water are affected;

If the environment temperature is too high,then suddenly fell,chicks cold,pullorosis often occurred in the disease,morbidity and mortality.Therefore,master and control the temperature is a key to the success of the brood.

The suitable temperature of different age chicks
Age(days) Temperature(℃) Age(days) Temperature(℃)
1~3 34~32 22~28 25~20
4~7 32~30 29~35 25~15
8~14 30~27 >36 25~15
15~21 27~25    

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