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How To Choose The Address Of Chicken Farm


Chicken farm should be built on high ground, dry place, away from the swamp lake depression, avoid the mountain valley.Sunny site and full of light, such as slopes, appropriate choice of southern slope or southeast slope, because it can avoid tuyere area of northwest.

Ground the air circulation, no eddy current phenomenon;Flat or slightly sloping ground, drainage facilities, there is no water in the area;Terrain open and conducive to building layout and set up protective facilities.

2.The geology, soil
To avoid the fault location, landslide, collapse, underground swamp,breathable strong water permeability, require capillary action is weak, moisture absorption and thermal conductivity of small, homogeneous, and strong anti-music, sandy loam type is ideal.

3.The climate, environment
Location field area should have more detailed meteorological data, such as average temperature, the absolute maximum and minimum temperature, cold junction depth of soil, rainfall and snow depth, the dominant wind direction, wind frequency, maximum wind, hail and lightning and other disasters members climate phenomena in order to carry out the reference design and production.

Environment should be quiet, with green, landscaping condition; no noise or interference light pollution.

4.Water, water quality
Water including surface water, groundwater and precipitation. Resources and water supply capacity should be able to meet the total needs of farms,and convenient use, labor-saving, simple processing. Each commodity laying hens water consumption is 1.2-1.5 kg, Water quality must be good. Ideally, treated or not treated can be a little drinking water.The most ideal water is that without treatment or a little bit treated will can be drink.

The transportation is convenient, can guarantee the normal transportation of the goods, but should be far away from the traffic trunk, but away from traffic trunk, generally more than 1 kilometer away from the main road, away from the general road over 200 meters.

6.the power supply
To ensure that supply meets the maximum allowable amount, also need perennial normal power supply. Preferably with dual power supply conditions or owned generators.Commodity laying hens breeding typically require two phase power supply, hatching require three-phase power.

7.Health and epidemic prevention
Farm should be away from residential areas to minimize interference to prevent the spread of pathogens and reduce environmental pollution hazards to residents.

And chicken farms cannot be built in poultry slaughtering poultry products processing factory, such as easy to cause environmental pollution, ding enterprise downwind, sewage flows through the place, transport of goods at or near the road must pass through, to reduce the infection.

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